Leather belt maker
A craft with a long tradition

In former times, leather belts were used in many different areas of daily life. They were most commonly used for boots, shoes or bags, for saddles and bridles, but also as transmission belts or straps to fix tarpaulins, sails and luggage on coaches. Each time, the strong and durable leather belt was used in different sizes.

A good leather belt maker needed to have a good knowledge of leather, to choose the right leather in order to produce a specific belt for every different use. Good manual skills were needed to cut out a uniform belt out of a whole skin. Last but not least, the knowledge and experience of treatments and tools were the crucial factor to give the desired finish to the leather belt, depending on its final destination or use.

Today, despite progress and new technologies, these skills are still needed. Many of the transformation steps, from the skin to a high quality leather belt, are still done by hand. Furthermore, the needed expertise, to cope with new ways of tanning and new areas of use as fashion, accessories and design, has grown.

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A wide range of leather products

We offer a wide range of leather products: round, flat and square leather belts, girths, straps, cords, braids, pipes, transmission belts (leather/polyamid), other technical products and accessories for the fashion business.

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Whatever your ideas, your wishes or your needs in the area of leather belts, we will work to satisfy you in a reliable and fast way. Our products have fulfilled the highest specifications on quality and aesthetics for over 50 years on the European market.

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