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Screw press with friction belt
Roof rack with flathleatherbelt
Transmission Flatleatherbelt
Flat leather belt to attach a suitcase to a preware-Renault
Round leather belt 12 mm on Millot machine
Friction belt
Transmission Roundleatherbelt
Roundleatherbelt for roller shuter
Leatherbelt for car Morgan
Kayak round leather belt
Transmission Roundleatherbelt (Piano)
V- belt (leather) for motorbike
Leatherbelt for Ford
Transmission Roundleatherbelt (sewing machine)
Transmissionbelt leather-polyamid


Necklace - leather
Reck with leatherbelt
Bag with a vegetal flat leather belt
bag with flat leather belt
Bag with bright flat leather belt
Commode with leather handle
Necklace with round leather belt
Arm guard medieval with round leather belt
Rucksack with flat leather belt
Bag avec flat leather belt
Armchair style Barcelona with flat leather belts
Basket with flath leather belt
Bracelet made of leather and textile
Whipbud with square leather belt
Haute Couture
Reparation couch with flad leather belt
Shelf with belt of cow leather coat "printed"
Case with flat leather belt (with buckle)
Dog leash with round leather belt
Armchair and sofa with flat leather belt
Leatherbelt for Morgan (car)
Bracelet with roundleatherbelt
Swing for parrots with roundleatherbelt
Necklace - leather
Necklage with leather cord
Necklace with cord Nubuk
Rocker for parrot with roundleatherbelt
Vide poche with leather
Hiking stick